Call center serving CU Anschutz and CU Denver launched

The next time your phone rings, the caller could be a student bound for CU Anschutz. The launch of a new call center in downtown Denver, dedicated to serving CU Denver and CU Anschutz constituents, is providing new opportunities for students to engage alumni, parents and friends of both campuses.

Scott Arthur

Scott Arthur, vice chancellor of advancement for CU Anschutz, emphasized the important role student callers play in increasing support for the university.

The call center, which officially began operating on January 26, is staffed by 22 students from CU Denver. The student callers have already contacted more than 3,071 CU Denver and CU Anschutz constituents—efforts that have resulted in pledges of over $42,000.

“The role of external funding is becoming more and more critical,” said Dorothy Horrell, chancellor of CU Denver. “Many students know that the cost of education can be a real burden for individuals and families. Engaging people who believe in what we are doing and want to help us do more of it are vital to our future.”

At an event celebrating the launch of the call center, Scott Arthur, vice chancellor of Advancement at CU Anschutz, told student callers that they play an important part in increasing donor support for the two campuses and that the gifts pledged by the people they call may be the start of even greater support.

“No one starts their gift at a million dollars,” Arthur said. “Benefactors start with gifts like the ones you are receiving on the phone. You making these connections with alumni is absolutely critical.”

Golden opportunity for students

Staffing the call center with students allows the alumni, parents and campus partners receiving the call to connect with someone who shares their affinity for the campus. Of course, the call center affords more than a job on campus for students. They are able to share their enthusiasm for CU Denver and CU Anschutz with constituents and also benefit from learning about their time as students.

“Meeting people who have such amazing lives and careers after graduating from the school that I’m at is so astonishing,” said Tori Melendrez, a freshman caller majoring in management and finance. “I was in the precollegiate

Ariana Talaie

As a student caller bound for medical school, Ariana Talaie has been gaining valuable career insights from her conversations with CU Anschutz alums.

program before I came here, so I’ve always loved this school and always loved this campus. Hearing from alumni who also love this campus is just great.”

Students are also able to connect with alumni in their own fields of study. Ariana Talaie, a freshman public health major in the premed track, hopes to enroll at CU Anschutz after completing her studies at CU Denver. She has gained valuable career and life advice from her conversations with CU Anschutz alumni.

“I love calling CU Anschutz alumni,” Talaie said. “Some of the people I am talking to have paved the way for how medicine is currently practiced. Even though I ultimately want to raise money for CU, a more personal goal is to get advice. It is an opportunity to accumulate knowledge.”

Learn more about the call center and annual giving by contacting Alessa Kane, assistant director of annual giving, at

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