Sexual Misconduct Survey launches

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Sexual Misconduct Campus Climate Survey, Oct. 24 – Nov. 11

Earlier this week CU Anschutz students, faculty and staff received an email from our Office of Equity about our campus’s first ever Sexual Misconduct Campus Climate Survey. This survey comes at a time when conversations about sexual misconduct on college and university campuses are at the forefront of our national media.

This survey will be delivered to all active students and employees. As an employee, you may feel that this survey isn’t intended for you. However, our campus climate is shaped by all of us, and unfortunately none of us is immune to sexual misconduct. It’s not just sexual assault we want to prevent—it’s also interpersonal abuse, stalking, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment and retaliation. We need to know of the experience(s) you have had during your time at the university so we can improve our efforts to prevent and remedy those situations.

Your survey responses will remain confidential: our research team will de-identify responses before analyzing the data, and all findings will be reported only in aggregate.  Incidents you share in the survey will never be connected to you.

This survey is incredibly important to our campus community. Your feedback will directly influence how we move forward in improving our prevention of and response to all types of sexual misconduct. Please consider taking approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete it; you can be entered to receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you. Check your university email for the link and to learn more visit the Office of Equity website.

Guest contributor: Sarah J. Berg, Associate Director, Office of Equity | Deputy Title IX Coordinator of Prevention, Training & Outreach

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