New Donor Walls Showcase Generosity and Vision of CU Anschutz Philanthropic Community

Over the summer, the Office of Advancement installed two new recognition displays to celebrate the support and vision of our benefactors. Located in Research II North and Education II South, these walls showcase the tremendous generosity of philanthropic benefactors who have established or significantly contributed to funds supporting CU.

Over 280 plaques are displayed on these walls. Every school and college on campus benefits from the support of these generous individuals, families and organizations. Countless researchers and students have received funding through seed grants, programmatic funds and scholarships, and will continue to benefit well into the future.

Scott Arthur, vice chancellor of advancement, said, “This is a visual reminder of the incredible generosity of our benefactors over the years.” CU Anschutz has witnessed record breaking fundraising totals for the past three years because of the dedication and passion from the community. This incredible philanthropic support is inspired by the innovative work of faculty, staff and students. Benefactors are investing in the people on this campus, betting that these game changers will make a positive impact in the world.

“It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our benefactors. They are helping to fuel innovative research, education and patient care, and making our campus what it is today,” said Arthur. In addition to the physical installations on campus, an online directory enables alumni, benefactors and campus visitors to easily locate specific plaques. To explore benefactor recognition at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, visit


Benefactor recognition wall located in the Research I North building.

Education benefactor recognition wall located in Education II South building.

Oct, 05 2017