Share photos of your research at CU Anschutz

The University Communications social media team recently launched a mini-campaign that encourages the CU Anschutz community to share its research and/or lab pictures in an effort to bring attention to innovative research projects taking place on campus.

Because our social media team members found it can be difficult to bring a camera into labs and other campus areas, they’d like help from you – the researchers – in getting the pictures shown to the world.

The social media team will regularly share your candid lab photos – preferably along with the corresponding context provided by researchers – on the official CU Anschutz Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

There is no end date on when the team will stop accepting and sharing photos, so they encourage you all to share away!

Here’s why we want your photos:

  • To show not only our community, but the world, how incredible, hard-working and passionate you all are.
  • To elevate research stories and projects to hopefully make more connections and growth opportunities for the researchers and scientists.
  • To strengthen CU Anschutz’s overarching identity as a world-class research campus.
  • To help people better understand what scientific work looks like on our campus and offer a lens into early- and mid-stage research.
Lucas Ellison shared this photo of Lane Bushman and Pete Anderson using LCMS to quantify HIV medication in people’s blood.

Here’s how you can show us your photos:

  • Add #ShareYourResearch in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram captions when you post the research picture
  • Tagging @CUAnschutz helps!

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