University staff receive recognition for years of service, hard work

About 175 staff members at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus were thanked for their years of service at a breakfast at CU South Denver last week.

Receiving invitations to the recognition event, organized by Human Resources, were all active CU Denver and CU Anschutz exempt professional and classified staff who in 2017 achieved years-of-service milestones at five-year increments beginning with 10 years and going up to 45 years.

The two longest-tenured staff members were Susan Hom, a resource management professional at the Auraria Library, at 45 years, and Sharon Funk, who currently serves as a physical therapist in the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center in the CU School of Medicine at CU Anschutz, at 40 years.

CU Denver Chancellor Dorothy Horrell and CU Anschutz Chancellor Don Elliman each extended congratulations and thanks to the staff members for their contributions to the university.

Years of Service breakfast
A large crowd turned out for the CU Denver | CU Anschutz Staff Years of Service breakfast at CU South Denver.

“This institution is what it is because of you,” Horrell said. “Our impact on the city, the state and beyond has been forged because of your hard work.”

Elliman recalled visiting the Fitzsimons site shortly after the decision was made to relocate the CU Health Sciences Center to the former Army base. “I remember taking the elevator all the way to the top of Building 500 and looking out over a field of weeds and thinking, ‘What did we just do?’” he said. “But today, I look out over the campus and it’s an amazing sight.”

He added, “You build the past of this campus; the future of our campus stands on your shoulders.”

The honorees:

10 years of service

Daniel Almaraz

Suzanne Arnold

Julie Atwood

Sandra Backus

Justin Bain

Mary Baker

Sudabeh Balakhani

Leonard Barrett

Richard Beall

Katherine Beatty

Debra Best

Tobin Bliss

Christopher Bufmack

Ken Bullard

Delores Cano

Dwayne Carrington

Maria Carvajal

Christina Cass

Vaquero Cooper

Jodi Cropper

Julia Cummings

Amy Dahlbach

Brian Davis

Cynthia Davis

Marlene Davis

Addis Dessalegn

Laurel Dodds

Essi Ellis

Joey Failma

Camden Farmer

Philip Faulkner Jr.

Esperanza Fernandez

John Filippone Jr.

James Fisher

Krystal Fox

Sandra Fradenburg

Joy French

Donald Fulton

Kelli Giacomini

Kathryn Gray

Tracy Gray

Helen Gurnee

Heather Hallman

Tai-Ping Hartwell

Donahue Hayes

Brittany Heer

Jennifer Helgeson

Paulina Hernandez

Eric Herrera

Carol Heun

Tamara Hoegerl

Sherry Holden

Herman Houston

Patricia Houston

Tristine Huerta

Justin Jaramillo

Devra Keyes

Oksana Korsunskaya

Tina Kutsuma

Catherine Lacey

Lily Landry

George Lanford

Michelle Larson-Krieg

Gary Lee

Bryan Less

Jeannie Losh

Kevin Lyster

Shannon Maes

Jennifer Maitlen

Archie Mallo

Brittney Mangravito

Gabriel Mascarenas

Sarah Massena

Kirk McCrimmon

Curtis Meadows

Sara Miller

Carlos Miron

Lisa Montano

Debbie Morrison

Morag Nairn

Roderick Nairn

John Neal

Katharine Nejkauf

Carol Palmer

Michelle Paul

Maria Portelli

Kurt Proffitt

Jeffrey Quinones-Finch

Julie Rea

Allison Reeds

Ganchimeg Rinchinjugder

Jody Robertson

Daniel Robinson

Cecilia Romero

Michael Shalhoub

Carolee Silvey

Brian Slentz

Jarrett Smith

Jennifer Smith

Shana Spears

Susan St. Pierre

Melissa Stanford

Robert Stiner

Spencer Stretz

Deanne Sylvester

Thomas Thuis

Aleksandr Tovbis

Perla Vamos

Dennis Vander Houwen

Emily Warren

David White

Vicki Wright

Kevin Young

Gail Zander


15 years of service

G. Arge

Patricia Ball

Richard Benson

Lonnie Bergman

Edith Butts

Christine Cook

Linda Corn

Rachel Cornelius

Lethi Cussen

Melanie Ellison

Salina Evans

Shannon Hains

Christine Lukvec

David MacLean

Lynn Magnuson

Galit Mankin

Shaun McMullin

Carol Morken

Kyle Osborn

Jennifer Peterson

James Salmen

Cynthia Subia


20 years of service

Yuriy Belits

Debra Dorsey

Gwen Frederick

Quynh Nhu Hoang

Katherine Honda

Abigail Jaquez

Jessica John

George Johnston

Supak Kerdpanthong

Melissa Lemieux

Becky McGowan

Hiep Nguyen

Joann Porter

Robert Riley

Jay Rodenburg

Christina Smith

Luana Tadolini

Boris Umanskiy


25 years of service

Paula Avey-Cook

Denise Donnelly

Timothy Edwards

Thomas Frost

Rachel Gallegos

Vaughn Larsen

Antoinette Sandoval

Victoria Saulsberry


30 years of service

Beverly Brunson

Sarah Fuhr

Egegayohu Michel

David Regennitter

Scott Roen

Lisa Solorzano Atencio

Frank Whispell


35 years of service

Julie Kim

Maureen Pasquale Bloom

Iris Williams


40 years of service

Sharon Funk


45 years of service

Susan Hom

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