Celebrating public health scholars

Scholarship recipients recognized at the Hoffmans’ home

On October 11, the annual Hoffman Scholarship Reception was held at the home of benefactors Richard Hoffman, MD, MPH, and Molly Hoffman, bringing them together with public health students and faculty.

Richard and Molly Hoffman are avid supporters of the success of future public health leaders. Dr. Hoffman, in particular, is a longtime benefactor and early advocate of the Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH), and holds a position there as an adjunct associate professor of epidemiology.

A decade ago, Dr. Hoffman helped set the stage for ColoradoSPH by providing initial philanthropic funding for the school. More recently, he responded to a need for student support by establishing a scholarship with three areas of interest, one of which is the Hamman-Hoffman Award in Epidemiology, named in honor of founding dean Richard Hamman, MD, DrPH. The scholarship fund also supports masters and doctoral students showing high potential to excel in public health careers, including communicable disease control.

The scholarship reception is an opportunity for top public health students to express gratitude and share their backgrounds with the Hoffmans.

Jonny Williams is one of the recipients of the Hoffmans’ generosity. Williams knew he wanted to pursue public health after witnessing the devastating health effects of the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. With his education, he plans to create public health programs that will empower sustainability in underserved communities like Flint.

Williams, who will graduate in May 2019 with a master’s degree in health systems, management and policy, is grateful for his scholarship. “As an out-of-state student, the extra support allowed me to focus on studying and improving the field of public health,” he said. “I’m incredibly grateful for what my scholarship has allowed me to achieve.”

Also in attendance was the current dean of ColoradoSPH, Jonathan Samet, MD, MS, who took the helm of the school last year. Dean Samet said, “We are grateful for our partnership with the Hoffmans. They have not only provided valuable resources to some of our brightest and most talented students, but helped ensure the long-term success of our school.”

Dr. Hamman also expressed gratitude for the Hoffmans’ generosity. “By investing in public health leaders, the Hoffmans are investing in the next generation of new ideas that will address public health disparities of the future. I am thankful for their philanthropic leadership and vision.”

It is private support from benefactors like the Hoffmans that is essential to student success at ColoradoSPH. Scholarships attract highly qualified applicants, and ensure that students have the resources they need to make the most of their education and graduate ready to join the workforce as highly capable leaders.

Oct, 22 2018