The much unloved electronic health record gets its say

Indira Sriram, PhD, and Robin Harland, who are graduating in this year’s University of Colorado School of Medicine class of MD students, with Steven Lowenstein, MD, MPH, professor of emergency medicine and associate dean for faculty affairs, wrote an article published on May 10 by the Journal of Hospital Medicine from the perspective of the much unloved electronic health record (EHR).

Here’s an excerpt: “We need to have an honest chat. My name is EHR, although you may call me Epic, Athena, Centricity, or just ‘the chart.’ You may have called me something worse in a moment of frustration. However, I do not hold grudges. I am your silent, stoic partner, a ubiquitous presence when you are at work, and sometimes even when you are at home.”

The article is a thoughtful and entertaining way to reconsider how to incorporate the EHR into our clinical care. One bit of proffered advice is crucial and timeless: “Though your practice is increasingly imbued with technology, there is still space to stop and hear your patients’ stories, as physicians have done for centuries. Listen. Make eye contact. Touch. Stop typing.”

Contributed by the CU School of Medicine.

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