Cheryl Balchunas

Senior Director of Development

  • School of Medicine
  • CU Cancer Center

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Education: Western Maryland College, Bachelor of Arts, Social Work; University of Maryland, Master of Social Work

Job Description: I connect benefactors and philanthropists to their passions.

Why CU? My deep-seeded passion for medical research is what brought me to CU Anschutz. What keeps me here day after day is the unwavering belief that cancer will be cured by research happening here on this campus during my children’s lifetimes.

What I love most about my job is the people! I am so honored and blessed to have the opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships with CU’s benefactors, medical alumni, faculty and staff. Their vision for the future of medicine and commitment to making the world a healthier place are awe-inspiring.

For me, development work is a vocation. God created me to do this work, and it is an honor and a privilege to use my god-given talents and skills to ensure that CU Anschutz has the vital resources needed to develop innovative medical advancements and change the face of medicine. My greatest personal achievement to date is being a wife and mother. Through my work at CU Anschutz, I strive to teach my children about gratitude, kindness, and the importance of leaving the world a better place than when it was found.