Megan Cooke

Senior Director of Development

  • Colorado School of Public health

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Education: University of Colorado Boulder

Job Description: I think of myself as a connector. I connect our public health faculty and researchers to benefactors who are passionate about prevention discoveries that will improve the health of individuals in our community and around the world.

Why CU? After serving as a development officer for various nonprofit organizations, I jumped at the opportunity to work for my alma mater and contribute to the mission of the Colorado School of Public Health. The school works to promote the physical, mental, social, and environmental health of individuals, one million at a time.

I most enjoy being a part of a team working to prevent disease, illness and poor health. Because I am a huge proponent of utilizing lifestyle, food and exercise as a means to maintain health and vitality, I feel fortunate to partner with the brilliant minds that are working on evidence-based prevention measures. Through collaborations in education, population-based research, and community service, these brilliant minds are working to prevent obesity, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, to name just a few.