To maximize mobile and social technology to improve the health of populations. We also aim to support the community of scientists, technology developers, community practitioners, and businesses committed to effectively using technology to promote improved health outcomes. 

 Why do this?

Tech developers and startups create apps but then they are rarely if ever evaluated for effectiveness in changing behaviors or improving health.

Academic researchers evaluate mHealth applications, but processes are slow, and may render an app obsolete by the time they show it is effective.

We offer evidence of technology effectiveness to improve  health in a rapid, rigorous and responsive fashion.

Knowing whether your program actually works to create change with end users or customers helps ensure:

   1. Your program or product can be sustained in the long term.

   2. You maximize your marketability. 

People will more often want to be a part of the program or use a product if it is demonstrated to be effective in
improving health. 

We are accountable for

End-user satisfaction and engagement. 

High quality, rigorous scientific research.

Rapid results.

Responsiveness, adaptability, and scalability.