The Quest for Memories

As the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone. Mortality rates have increased 85 percent over the past 15 years, and without significant medical breakthroughs, the number of people age 65+ with Alzheimer’s disease is projected to nearly triple by 2050 to  almost 13.8 million. Even those spared a diagnosis will almost certainly care for, or know, someone who was not.

At the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center (RMADC), our clinician-scientists are leading collaborative research and clinical care today that will transform the future of Alzheimer’s disease.

Leading Research


Dr. Huntington Potter

Every day, our faculty are making strides towards a cure that will impact millions of lives around the world. The research focuses both on prevention and reversal of symptoms. Under the leadership of Dr. Huntington Potter, our researchers have developed new therapies and uncovered numerous connections.

Recent Research Accomplishments

Leukine clinical trial: The first clinical trial at the RMADC is testing the safety and effectiveness of Leukine. This drug has the potential to stop, and possibly reverse, the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Early results are now being analyzed.

Identifying risk factors for dementia: By identifying risk factors for dementia, doctors will be able to intervene earlier and develop preventative treatments for those with a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Building on the Alzheimer’s disease / Down syndrome connection: Dr. Potter is continuing to build on the connections between Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome. By understanding trisomy 21, when cells have three copies of chromosome 21, our researchers can suggest prevention and treatment strategies for many neurodegenerative brain diseases.

Clinical Efforts

Nearly 1,000 patients have been assessed in the Memory Disorders Clinic in the past year by Jonathan Woodcock, MD, Christopher Filley, MD, and their colleagues. Patients at the RMADC have access to world-class care by the doctors writing the textbooks and developing cutting-edge treatments. To keep up with increased demand for Alzheimer’s disease care, the RMADC continues to expand and recruit top clinicians to care for patients.

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