Happiness and Healing

Mobility is one of life’s greatest gifts, but can all too suddenly be taken away. One car accident. One fall. One misstep. One moment is all it takes for a life to be forever changed. At the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, in partnership with University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Limb Restoration Program is transforming the mobility of children, adolescents and adults.


The best in orthopedic care is right here at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. With the state’s top-ranked pediatric and adult orthopedic programs, people of all ages are getting high-quality, innovative care delivered by multidisciplinary teams of some of the country’s top talent. These skilled teams of surgeons, nurses, physicians assistants, specialists and therapists take a team approach to comprehensive care – providing not only physical healing, but also bringing happiness and hope to those in pain.


When Windyboy Yellowplume suffered a devastating leg injury after an ATV accident, his wounds became infected and his bones were not healing. He arrived at Children’s Hospital Colorado with severe injuries and considering amputation to free him of the pain. Dr. Jason Stoneback and his team not only saved the young boy’s leg, but returned a smile to his face. Now 16, he’s happy, health and back to his love of basketball.

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This video details the story of Delvin, how an accident left his leg mangled and how an interdisciplinary team of doctors saved his leg. He now enjoys hiking and photography once again.

After risking his life during deployment to Kuwait and Afghanistan, Jandl Scott was hit head-on while during his commute in Aurora. The car accident left him with serious internal injuries and severely injured leg. Led by Dr. Jason Stoneback, a team of doctors at University of Colorado Hospital is getting Mr. Scott back on his feet.

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