Team-Based Lung Cancer Care

Patients find a true multidisciplinary approach to treatment when they seek care at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Here, treatments that may once have been overlooked are now considered, as top doctors in multiple fields consult each other to determine the best paths forward for patients. CU Anschutz is one of the nation’s leaders in this patient-centric approach to medicine. From the way we educate students, to how we treat patients, we believe collaboration is not simply the best way to advance medicine – it is the only way.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Lung Cancer


Physicians collaborating on patient health at CU Anschutz

A lung cancer diagnosis is a terrifying moment in a person’s life. Many questions arise and most of these can’t be answered right away. It takes time and the expertise of many different physicians and specialists to find an effective path to treatment. When a patient is already struggling with the pressures and demands of family, a job and everyday life, adding cancer to the mix makes it all but impossible to handle the tremendous burden of managing one’s own care.

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