Nurse-Run Community Clinic

With the grand opening of CU Healthcare Partners at Belleview Point, individuals in the metro area now have access to a clinic entirely managed by nurses. This grand opening represents months of work on behalf of Associate Dean for Clinical and Community Affairs Amy Barton, PhD, RN, FAAN; Healthcare Program Manager Jennifer Smith, BS, BB; and Operations Manager Adrienne Wolf, MPH.

Nurses are able to provide up to 80 percent of the services a primary care physician can provide, and up to 90 percent of pediatric care services. This one-of-a-kind clinic in Aurora provides high-quality, convenient care, while expanding access to behavioral health services in the community. CU Healthcare Partners at Belleview Point offers many of the same services available at an urgent care clinic, and serves patients and families through both walk-in and member appointments.

Read the full story, “CU Nursing opening Aurora clinic with no physicians,” on the Denver Business Journal website.


Innovators at CU Anschutz


Amy Barton, PhD, RN, FAAN
Daniel and Janet Mordecai Endowed Chair in Rural Health Nursing
Professor and Associate Dean for Clinical and Community Affairs

Why nursing? I entered the nursing field after being nominated to attend an “Engineer for a Day” program during my junior year in high school. I realized that I was more interested in a career that was relationship-focused and involved direct care. My mom is a nurse, and even though I previously vowed I would never be a nurse, I recognized that the nursing profession resonated with my personal strengths as well as career aspirations.

How will the Belleview Point Clinic impact lives? The Belleview Point Clinic will impact people’s lives by providing them with a new choice in care model. We’re trying a direct primary care approach for individuals and families who have a high-deductible insurance plan, but previously haven’t accessed primary care. Our nurse-led care model integrates behavioral health counseling and provides a personalized, holistic approach.

What’s next? There are always new ideas. We have an amazing cadre of providers at the CU College of Nursing who are dedicated to a patient-centered approach when designing care. We have the capacity not only to try, but to test, new models of care to determine their value and effectiveness.