What We Do


From inventing the nurse practitioner profession and curriculum 50 years ago, to breaking down silos between medical disciplines, CU Anschutz continues to make advancements in how physicians and health care professionals are trained. That’s because we know that today’s advancements in education are tomorrow’s advancements in research and care.


Discoveries at CU Anschutz have led to new devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic methods, treatments for debilitating conditions and improved quality of life worldwide. CU Anschutz is a leader in advancing human health. Close collaboration between researchers and practicing physicians speeds the progress of treatment and advances clinical care.

Clinical Care

Our faculty are making discoveries and developing treatments every day. We believe that the people treating our patients should be the people writing the textbooks. By combining teaching, research and clinical facilities, we connect the dots between groundbreaking discoveries and life-changing care at two leading hospitals.


Committed to supporting a healthier Colorado and Rocky Mountain region, CU Anschutz is highly engaged with communities, individuals and initiatives across our state and beyond. From nurse-managed clinics in underserved areas to public health collaborations and K-12 student health education programs, we are helping to build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Schools and Colleges

College of Nursing

With a long track record of leadership, the College of Nursing is training the nurses you look to first and the next generation of health care leaders. Our faculty are changing the care patients receive.

Colorado School of Public Health

A collaboration between three Colorado universities, the Colorado School of Public Health promotes physical, mental, social and environmental health across communities in the Rocky Mountain region and globally.  

Graduate School

Continued education is central to becoming leaders in the health care field. Our students have access to the Graduate School to specialize and expand their education as they continue to change lives.

School of Dental Medicine

Our School of Dental Medicine is nationally recognized for interprofessional education. Here, faculty are developing the latest technologies. Our students become passionate, qualified professionals, ready to become leaders in dental medicine.

School of Medicine

The largest of the schools on campus, the School of Medicine faculty is transforming health care and developing the treatments of tomorrow. Our graduates are well-prepared to lead the field of medicine for decades.

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

As one of the top pharmacy schools in the U.S., our students and faculty are transforming pharmaceutical sciences and finding the cures and therapies of tomorrow. Our graduates are committed to a lifetime of learning and patient care.

Research to Care

As the only comprehensive academic health science center in the state, and one of the newest education, research and patient care facilities in the world, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus invests more than $400 million annually into science that can be translated to clinical care.

"The fusion of education, research, and clinical care is the secret sauce of academic medicine. By coupling some of the best minds in medicine with ambitious students eager to lead the next generation, we get remarkable innovation and leading-edge treatments and care."

"I came to CU Anschutz because of the trajectory I see on this campus. The problems we have here are the problems of managing growth. My counterparts across the country are worried about hanging onto what they have, while we have a 15 percent growth rate in clinical practice each year."

"We're part of a long and continuous march with physicians and researchers who are dedicated to curing disease and creating hope. As long as there are sick people in this world, we continue our march onward."

Don Elliman Jr.
John J. Reilly Jr., MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean, CU School of Medicine
Scott Arthur
Vice Chancellor, Advancement

Benefactor Stories

We are in the process of creating the next generation of treatments and cures. By accelerating our progress and helping to bring scientific breakthroughs into the clinic, our benefactors play a crucial role in our success. When you contribute to CU Anschutz, your investment transforms lives and changes the world.